Yes, there are three of us…a trio. So we are…in triplicate. Get it? Ok, so I know it’s super obvious. But at any rate, I play flute in this ensemble, Kwami Barnett plays clarinet, and Iris Zhang plays piano. We play all kinds of repertoire: standards such as the Saint-Saens Tarantella for this instrumentation, lush contemporary pieces like Night Music by Lowell Liebermann, lively modern pieces such as Techno-Parade by Connesson, and arrangements of well-known favorites like Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun. We also love new music and have recently premiered two pieces by local Colorado composers.

Do you want to write a piece for us? Would you like us to play at your event or school? Or do you just want to say hello? Please contact us via Facebook. We love new ideas and collaborations!

In Triplicate Trio

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